Congratulations to the 2016 Three Arts Scholarship recipients!

This year the Three Arts Scholarship Fund awarded over $242,000 in scholarship awards to junior, senior, and Masters level college women majoring in the fields of Music, Visual Arts, and Drama / Musical Theater at accredited institutions with a 75-mile radius of Cincinnati. 


Instrumental Music - Undergraduate Level

Boyun Li - First prize - Nippert Award, violin, UC-CCM

Sooyeon Baik - Second prize - Neff Award (tie), piano, UC-CCM

Amy Pui Lam Cheng - Second prize - Neff Award (tie), piano, Wright State University

Micah Donar - Fourth prize, cello, UC-CCM

Soyoon Park - Fifth prize, cello, UC-CCM

Instrumental Music - Masters Level

Dan Qiao - First prize - Nippert Award, violin, UC-CCM

Kanako Shimasaki - Second prize, violin, UC-CCM

Subin Lee - Third prize, piano, UC-CCM

Seika Fukumoto - Fourth prize, clarinet, UC-CCM

Cheok Wu Leong - Fifth prize, harp, UC-CCM

Vocal Music - Undergraduate Level

Brianna Bragg - First prize - Nippert Award, soprano, UC-CCM

Sophie Blatt - Second prize - Neff Award (tie), soprano, UC-CCM

Holly Reckers - Second prize - Neff Award (tie), soprano, UC-CCM

Sarah Vautour - Fourth prize, soprano, UC-CCM

Madeline Jentech - Fifth prize, soprano, UC-CCM

Vocal Music - Masters Level

Murrella Parton - First prize - Nippert Award, soprano, UC-CCM

Nicolette Book - Second prize, soprano, UC-CCM

Brace Newberry - Third prize, soprano, UC-CCM


Musical Theater - Undergraduate Level

Gina Santare - First prize, UC-CCM

Kimberly Pine - Second prize, UC-CCM

Michelle Coben - Third prize, UC-CCM

Megan Urz - Fourth prize, Northern Kentucky University

Gabriella Francis - Fifth prize, Northern Kentucky University

Drama - Undergraduate Level

Laura McCarthy - First prize, UC-CCM

Keisha Kemper - Second prize, UC-CCM

Christina Tully - Third prize, Northern Kentucky University

Alexandra Rouse - Fourth prize, Northern Kentucky University

Arielle de Versterre- Fifth prize, UC-CCM


Undergraduate Level

Elana Penteinik - First prize - Nippert Award, product industrial design, UC-DAAP

Octavia Laurel Geiger- Second prize (tie), ceramics, Xavier University

Charity Rust-Jordan - Second prize (tie), ceramics & sculpture, Northern Kentucky University

Carolann Baughman - Third prize (tie), ceramics, Xavier University

Raechel Romero - Third prize (tie), photography, Wright State University

Shania Conner - Third prize (tie), spatial arts, Northern Kentucky University

Sidney Trasser - Fourth prize (tie), graphic design, Mount Saint Joseph University

Emily Ann Acton - Fourth prize (tie), visual communication design, Northern Kentucky University

Kelly Ann Napier - Fifth prize - Tatum Award (tie), photography, Wright State University

Kaitlyn Peed - Fifth prize - Tatum Award (tie), interacitve media track, Northern Kentucky University

Masters Level

Samantha Dorgan - First prize - Nippert Award, painting and video, Miami University

Jillian Ross- Second prize - Longacre Printmaker Award, printmaking, UC-DAAP

Megan taylor - Third prize, painting, Miami University

Roselyn Marikasi- Fourth prize, painting, UC-DAAP

Gabrielle Roach- Fifth prize (tie), painting, Miami University

Julie Drout - Fifth prize (tie), ceramics/art education, UC-DAAP